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User setup in Handbid just got much easier - thanks to mobile deep linking

An overview on mobile deep linking
An overview on mobile deep linking

People often consider the world of apps and websites to be completely different worlds. You would either choose to use an application through a web browser or instead through the app. If you chose to use the app, anyone who wanted you to see content in the app had to send you a specialized URL that would only work if the app was installed on your phone.

If you sent a generic web link, it would have instead opened up the content in a web browser. But, if you had the app installed, why view it in a web browser? You would much prefer to view that link in the app right? Of course!

In the past you had no choice because phones were not smart enough to know if the App was installed. But now both Apple and Google's mobile operating systems support a solution, called Mobile Deep Linking.


What is Mobile Deep Linking?

Before deep linking if you clicked on a link that pointed to an App on your phone, the link would open up in a browser and be invalid (show a blank white screen or an error). With deep linking, that link will take the user to the AppStore first to get the app before it tries to open the content that the link points to. It is a seamless experience that makes it much easier for users.


So….what does this mean for you and Handbid?

For Handbid, this will simplify the setup process for users. When a user clicks on a link from their smartphone that is related to an app like Handbid, the phone can be trained to open the link in the Handbid app if the user has it installed. If the user does not have it installed, the system will instead take them to the AppStore (Play Store) first to install it and then execute the link.

For setup and registration, guests now they simply have to click on a single link to get the app and to get logged into your auction. To view this simplified process, simply watch the video below and let us know what you think:

Handbid DeepLinks from Jeff Porter on Vimeo.


What if the user doesn't have an iPhone or Android phone?

The link will still work! However, the system is smart enough to know that a supported App does not exist, so it will instead open up the link in a browser for these users. So you can still send the same registration link to a Windows Phone user and they can participate in the auction from their phone's web browser!