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Real-time Livestreaming

Broadcast a real-time, zero latency livestream to your guests through a single interface

Keep everyone’s eyes on the action, whether they’re in the room or attending remotely

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Motivate guests to bid

Run live, hybrid auctions

Improve guest engagement

Handbid Premium
Streaming > YouTube

Use Handbid’s native streaming tool to share a latency-free livestream with your guests.

Zero latency means there aren’t any delays, unlike with solutions like YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook. With Handbid, you can actually run interactive hybrid auctions with in-the-room and remote bidders without the typical 30-second broadcast delay! Moreover, you can do it from a single interface! No need to have your bidders log into a conferencing tool while they bid from a separate app.

Think your guests would prefer a YouTube or Facebook livestream? No problem. Handbid does that, too.

Why use Handbid to livestream your event? Here are some reasons:

Include remote guests who aren’t in
the room.
Show bid activity below the
livestream, so guests can see
others’ bids in real time.
Guests view the livestream from
their devices, so they can keep up
with the action from anywhere.
Keep more guests engaged with
your auction.
Show featured auction items directly
below the livestream and motivate
guests to bid.
Guests can bid or make donations
directly from the livestream screen.


Livestreams help these clients keep guests engaged

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"Our fundraising increased by more than seven times with Handbid.

When we used paper bid sheets our auction raised $3,000. When we started using Handbid, our auction raised over $23,000."

- Liz Scull

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Here’s how livestreams
work in Handbid

number 1

Create a livestream by selecting Handbid Premium Streaming or specifying a livestream URL from YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo.

number 2

Then connect your streaming app to push the live feed into Handbid.

number 3

Handbid notifies all your guests when the event goes live.

number 4

Add promotions beneath the livestream screen, so guests can easily place bids, purchase items, or donate.

number 5

Add bid activity to the livestream screen to show guests when new bids come in.

number 6

Let bidders bid, receive outbid notifications, and counterbid without leaving the livestream.

Live auctions aren’t just for the bidders in the room

With Handbid Premium Streaming, remote bidders can participate without missing a thing.

Thanks to zero latency, virtual guests can bid during silent auctions. They’ll see what’s going on at the same moment your live guests see it, so they can place bids and raise paddles as if they were right there with you.

Use your livestream to support more bidders, get more bids, and raise more money!

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Everything you need for maximum livestream impact

Zero-latency streaming

Help desk chat for virtual auctions

Support for remote live bidding during hybrid auctions

YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo livestreaming also available

Schedule a start time for livestreams

Promote items or appeals from the livestream screen

Watch from the app or a browser

Encourage more bids by displaying bid activity beneath the livestream

You’ve never seen an auction livestream quite like this

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