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Are these problems keeping you from raising more money at your auctions?

Problem 1

paper bid sheets

  • Do guests have to wait in long lines to bid or pay?
  • Have your guests ever cheated or intimidated one another?
  • Are you worried that guests won't use mobile bidding software?
Problem 2

clunky bidding software

  • Do you get low quality vendor support on event night?
  • Have guests been frustrated by apps that won't work properly?
  • Does the vendor know next to nothing about fundraising?
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"Our fundraising increased by more than seven times with Handbid

When we used paper bid sheets our auction raised $3,000. When we started using Handbid, our auction raised over $23,000."

- Liz Scull

The Voila Foundation

Can you seriously afford to run another auction without Handbid?

Money You Raise
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Handbid: More

Typical Auction Software: Less

Paper Bid Sheets:  Are you kidding?

Event Support
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Handbid: Fast, real-time, expert support on the night of the event

Typical Auction Software: Slow, handled by bots, or nonexistent

Paper Bid Sheets:  Nothing. It's just a dead tree

Event Expertise
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Handbid: We're fundraisers, just like you

Typical Auction Software: Little or none

Paper Bid Sheets:  Nope. Still a dead tree

Human Errors at Event
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Handbid: Minimal odds

Typical Auction Software: Unknown odds

Paper Bid Sheets:  High odds

Bid From Anywhere
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Handbid: Absolutely

Typical Auction Software: Maybe. Maybe not.

Paper Bid Sheets:  Nope

Wait in Long Lines
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Handbid: Hardly

Typical Auction Software: Probably

Paper Bid Sheets:  Definitely

Hidden Fees
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Handbid: Never

Typical Auction Software: Likely

Paper Bid Sheets:  Yes, lost revenue

Have an Absolute Blast
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Handbid: Always

Typical Auction Software: Maye. Maybe not.

Paper Bid Sheets:  Probably not

Money You Raise
Event Support
Event Expertise
Human Errors at Event
Bid From Anywhere
Wait in Long Lines
Hidden Fees
Have an Absolute Blast



Fast, real-time, expert support
on the night of the event

We're fundraisers,
just like you

Minimal odds





TypiCal Auction Software


Slow, handled by bots,
or nonexistent

Little or none

Unknown odds

Maybe. Maybe not.



Maybe. Maybe not.

Paper Bid Sheets

Are you kidding?

Nothing. It's just a dead tree

Nope. Still a dead tree

High odds



Yes, lost revenue

Probably Not

Here's how to make more
money at your next event


Talk to Us

Let's talk fundraising together! During your intro call, we'll discuss your event strategy and any issues you may be having.

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Run your auction
with Handbid

Make it easy for guests to bid, check others’ bids, and pay. That way, they spend zero time waiting in lines and more time having fun.

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No Problems!

Happier guests. More auction revenue. A big win with the Board of Directors. That’s what happens when you use Handbid for your auctions.

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Hear what our clients say

There is so much to like. From the easy check-in of guests, to the check-out and reconciliation of purchases but the #1 thing is that Handbid makes us look professional.
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Mike Papi

One Goat Foundation

Handbid was the only auction company that we found that made the user experience one of the best in the industry.
amy zaroff headshot

Amy Zaroff

Amy Zaroff Events

Handbid has been a great partner for our organization and helped to increase our gross fundraising dollars. Our events would not be as successful without Handbid and the Handbid team.
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Reed Miller

NOCO Unify

Talk To Us

We know what it's like to run an auction where everything goes wrong.

Before building Handbid, we held five auctions for our own non-profit organization.

From long check-in and checkout lines to frustrated guests, we know how complicated and harrowing running an auction can be.

That's why we created Handbid, a mobile bidding application that makes it easy to plan, organize and execute every auction. Those issues we had before? They're history. You won't have to deal with them either.

Handbid Team on Stage at Titan 100 event

Meet Handbid

About Us

Fear not! You will pull off a successful event with Handbid

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Give your guests the time of their lives


Motivate guests to bid higher and raise more money

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Simplify registration for volunteers and guests

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Reduce check-in times and accelerate checkout

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Help guests spend more partying and less time waiting

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Get day-of support from experienced fundraisers


Turn more ticket holders into bidders

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Look good for your guests and your Board

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Learn how to run an event that guests can't stop talking about

Subscribe to our weekly podcast, Elevate Your Event, where we offer tips and tricks for making every fundraiser a raging success.

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laptop mockup

Handbid makes it so freaking easy to raise more money at every auction

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