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How It Works

Our Native App

A Smart way to leverage technology

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Event Ticketing

Streamline checkin by selling tickets through Handbid. Guests can purchase tickets, apply discount codes and get setup for your event well in advance!


IPhone & Android Support

We support the latest versions of iOS (iPhone or iPod Touch) and Android devices. It’s easy for users to download the app to their phone and participate in the auction in real time.


Event iPads for non-smartphone users

Guests who are not tech savvy or don’t bring their phone can simply use the Handbid iPad kiosk app at the event. Put these on the table or have bid-helpers roam with them. Handbid App for iPad easy to operate & designed to accommodate multiple users.


Integrated payment system

The choice is yours with Handbid’s integrated payment system. You can:

  • 1) Collect credit card information in the beginning for automatic processing at the end
  • 2) Get card information on file, but allow bidders to approve the transaction at the end
  • 3) Only request card information and payment by phone at the end

Easy auction item management

The Handbid auction manager allows you to manage all of your items in one place. It’s no problem to make quick edits or even add items at any point – even after the event starts.


Real-time notifications

There’s no need to navigate web pages on a mobile phone or wait for a text message to arrive. Bidders receive messages instantly through the app.


Handbid TV with real-time stats and updates

The Handbid TV functionality that’s built into the iPad app allows you to configure and display live data like high bids or total bidding amounts on a big screen for everyone to see.


Automated receipt generation and checkout

At the end of the auction, Handbid automatically tallies winners and generates invoices in a matter of seconds. Typically, winners are notified of the items they have won by text message. They can then review their invoice and pay from their phone.

What Clients Say

Two-thumbs up!  This was our first time using mobile bidding and it was an overwhelming success.  The ability for bidders to place bids from anywhere is a game-changer.  I have no doubt that we were able to raise more money using Handbid as compared to paper and pencil.

As first-time mobile bidding users, HandBid was very user-friendly and our guests loved it! The pre-bidding option allowed us to generate considerable revenue before event night and also created a buzz around our Gala. Our account manager was extremely responsive and very helpful, and the knowledge base was a tremendous resource. We would highly recommend HandBid for mobile bidding.
~ Blue & Gold Gala Committee, St. Joseph Parish School

As one of the University’s largest charity events with 900 attendees and over 350 items, managing the auction has historically been a headache. That all changed this year due to Handbid – its sleek user interface, customizable item settings, and easy to use manager dashboard were all incredibly valuable – leading to a great bidder experience and $100,000+ dollars raised!

On behalf of Diamond Resorts International, I would like to thank everyone at Handbid for helping make our annual Diamond Resorts Invitational Auction a huge success.

In the past, we have used other mobile bidding providers and Handbid proved to be the easiest to use.  In addition, their team was top notch: they were unbelievably flexible, helpful, and professional throughout the entire process.  We could not be more satisfied with the service received.

With over 1,000 people at the event (including multiple celebrities), our Diamond team was pulled in several directions. Thankfully, one thing we didn’t have to worry about was the auction.  Jeff, Diana, Mark and Ashlie were one step ahead, and their attention to detail eliminated a huge stress for us.   They were willing to assist us in the heat of the auction in updating prices and making sure that items were getting enough bids.

During our live auction, they took the initiative to coordinate with our live auctioneer, act as bid spotters and connect with winning bidders to get their information recorded into Handbid.

Finally, auction checkout was very organized and they gave our guests a fantastic experience when picking up their items with a very high energy transition.

In addition to Handbid’s amazing service, we also received numerous compliments about the software.  Our guests found it both easy and fun to use and actually very slick.  Moreover, our staff found their backend manager to be simple to use to import items, load photos and manage the auction.  Afterwards, it was easy to review reports and auction performance.

A week after our event we had a detailed drill down call to review the auction, discuss improvements for the future, and tie up any remaining loose ends.  Even though our event is over, Handbid is still very responsive when we need them

Absolutely fantastic experience with Handbid and we would love for them to join us again in the future.

Handbid was a big hit at our Silent Auction! Everyone loved it! Overall, we give it rave reviews all around, from us (using the manager side) to all the bidders (using the app)! I think it truly enhanced our event and helped us reach our goal! We cannot say thank you enough!

“The auction was a huge success! Guests and staff could not stop talking about how easy Handbid was to use. Thank you so much!”

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