Let's give your bidders the best auction experience

Event and auction managers run more profitable auctions with Handbid, an easy-to-use auction software purposely built to help you wow guests, raise more money, and pull off a fantastic auction every single time.

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You only get one chance to make a good first impression

Ensure your auction is memorable for all the right reasons.
Avoid these common issues that can transform any event into a series of disappointments
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Long Wait Times

Extended waiting for registration or checkout sours the auction experience for everyone involved.

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Lack of Engagement

Dull auctions without engagement drive away interest and reduce bidder participation.

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Confused Guests

Vague descriptions and unclear rules frustrate bidders, muddling the auction process.

Inadequate Item Display

Poorly presented items deter bidding by making it hard for bidders to engage.

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Unpaid Invoices

A disjointed payment system complicates bid securing and slows down payment processing.

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Frustrating Check-Out

Separate payment methods lengthen checkout, irritating bidders and slowing turnover.

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Technical Issues

Software glitches interrupt bidding, leading to a disappointing auction experience.

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Overpricing & fewer bids

High starting bids or reserves intimidate bidders, dampening engagement and revenue.

Tired guests & staff

Manual bid tracking exhausts everyone, causing errors and reducing auction efficiency.

Imagine your auction guest experience looking and feeling like this

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Quick two-minute check-in

Kick off your event with a welcoming registration process that's quick and user-friendly, ensuring guests start on a high note.

Bid like it's a game

Dive into the heart of the auction with real-time, interactive bidding that keeps everyone on the edge of their seat, driving excitement and engagement.

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Bidders know what to do

Bidders will navigate through auctions with ease using a platform designed for simplicity, making it enjoyable for everyone to place their bids and follow the action.

Rapid invoice payment

90% of invoices paid within a minute after auction close. Conclude your auction on a positive note with a straightforward, secure checkout process that wraps up the experience neatly, leaving guests satisfied and looking forward to next time.

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Things you can do with Handbid

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Built-in ticketing and registration
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Seamless payment processing
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Simple check-in and ticket scanning
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Detailed analytics and reporting
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Credit card capture to simplify checkout
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Live streaming for remote participation
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Real-time bidding updates
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Automated invoicing and receipt generation
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Interactive auction catalogs
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Bidder engagement tools
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Customizable event websites
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Support for multiple auction types

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Are you tired of tedious auction processes that leave your bidders feeling frustrated and disengaged? Enter Handbid, the game-changer for bidder experiences at non-profit events. Say goodbye to the days of cumbersome paperwork and hello to a seamless, user-friendly platform that redefines fundraising events.

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Fed up with an outdated and expensive platform? Our commercial solution offers a fresh and modern design coupled with an exceptional user experience. Say farewell to unnecessary expenses and embrace an efficient, budget-friendly solution that puts you in control.

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Returned & Refurbished Assets
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Real Estate
Oil & Gas

Since 2015 we have helped over
7k event and auction managers raise over 50k in their auctions

Handbid turns auction managers into superstars, giving you the easy-to-navigate software you need to impress your bidders, boost your funds, and make every auction an absolute hit.

Is Your Auction Ready to Impress?

Ensure your auction is memorable for all the right reasons!

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