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How It Works

Our Native App

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Event Ticketing

Streamline checkin by selling tickets through Handbid. Guests can purchase tickets, apply discount codes and get setup for your event well in advance!


IPhone & Android Support

We support the latest versions of iOS (iPhone or iPod Touch) and Android devices. It’s easy for users to download the app to their phone and participate in the auction in real time.


Event iPads for non-smartphone users

Guests who are not tech savvy or don’t bring their phone can simply use the Handbid iPad kiosk app at the event. Put these on the table or have bid-helpers roam with them. Handbid App for iPad easy to operate & designed to accommodate multiple users.


Integrated payment system

The choice is yours with Handbid’s integrated payment system. You can:

  • 1) Collect credit card information in the beginning for automatic processing at the end
  • 2) Get card information on file, but allow bidders to approve the transaction at the end
  • 3) Only request card information and payment by phone at the end

Easy auction item management

The Handbid auction manager allows you to manage all of your items in one place. It’s no problem to make quick edits or even add items at any point – even after the event starts.


Real-time notifications

There’s no need to navigate web pages on a mobile phone or wait for a text message to arrive. Bidders receive messages instantly through the app.


Handbid TV with real-time stats and updates

The Handbid TV functionality that’s built into the iPad app allows you to configure and display live data like high bids or total bidding amounts on a big screen for everyone to see.


Automated receipt generation and checkout

At the end of the auction, Handbid automatically tallies winners and generates invoices in a matter of seconds. Typically, winners are notified of the items they have won by text message. They can then review their invoice and pay from their phone.

What Clients Say

I have been doing silent auctions for years, always using the paper bid sheets and have been successful with them. When I found Handbid and realized that the process could get easier and it would make my auction more successful, I was blown away. Even people who were not at the auction could participate in the bidding! and the ease of learning the product was incredible. Two thumbs up for this program!

Everyone loved Handbid. It was so much more convenient than paper and we doubled our revenue!

We used Handbid for our auction and it was a huge hit.  It was the first time we had done mobile bidding and the crowd was totally into it.  Diana was great to work with and their support team was there to answer questions the night of the auction live on the phone. Hands down, we will use them again!

Handbid made our auction so easy! Without bid sheets to monitor and collect, I was free to use the Handbid manager to send out messages to guests and monitor items that were not getting bids. Handbid truly gives you a bird’s eye view of your auction and puts you in control of your end results. It was fantastically simple and convenient!

Handbid not only made the silent auction a lot more fun and engaging for our guests, but also resulted in a significant increase in revenue generated for a great charity.

What can we say about Handbid……..NOT ENOUGH!!!!!  From the the very first phone call to our last email, they have been right there beside us EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!!

Our representative Diana Duplantier has been more helpful to us than words can say.  I just don’t have enough kind words to say about her and how professional she handles her job.  She went above and WAY beyond what anyone could ever ask and she was bubbly and positive even when we were stressed.  She made this whole event possible and made things that could have been seen as complicated be simple and easy to follow and complete.

We had questions for many things about Handbid and received phone calls from even the CEO himself.  This companies product is by far amazing, affordable and their staffing is second to none.

We will for sure be using handbid again in the future for our auction.  Thank you to everyone at Handbid for everything you did for our school.  Our event was a success due to all of you!

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