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Custom Auction SOftware

Give your guests a fully
branded, custom mobile
bidding experience

We’ll make Handbid look, feel, and behave to your exacting specifications*

Apply your
own branding

Create a custom interface

Integrate your
go-to apps

From a new paint job to a total renovation, you can make Handbid your own

White label Handbid for a totally custom auction application

Integrate Handbid with existing fundraising tools, single sign-on, or enterprise backend systems

Keep it simple by adding your own colors, fonts, and branding to the default Handbid interface

Publish custom landing pages that use your logos and brand assets

Apply interface changes for a completely unique experience

Get your own auction app that users can download from the App Store (now how cool will you be with that? Your own app!)

Here’s what clients say after using Handbid for their fundraising events

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"Our fundraising increased by more than seven times with Handbid.

When we used paper bid sheets our auction raised $3,000. When we started using Handbid, our auction raised over $23,000."

- Liz Scull

The Voila Foundation
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Two ways to customize your Handbid experience

Custom Theme

Replace Handbid’s default fonts, colors, and logos with your own. Theming makes Handbid look and feel like the brand your donors already love giving to.

With this option, you also get custom landing pages for your event!
Learn more about our custom themes

White Label

The sky’s the limit when you decide to white label Handbid!

We can re-tool the entire interface, integrate with your backend technologies, and even list “Handbid” as your own, properly-branded auction app! Just tell us what you have in mind.

We were doing virtual events before they were cool

From the very beginning, our team designed Handbid to accommodate online bidding from remote guests. Virtual auctions have always been part of our DNA.

Using Handbid, you can make it easy for donors anywhere on earth to attend your event, bid on items, and pay invoices. You won’t have to cobble together multiple applications to run your event, which means your team can stop pulling their hair out trying to make stuff work!

Basically, you’ll raise more money and everyone will have a better time.
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Custom auction software can include any of these modifications

Colors and fonts
3rd party integrations
Logos and imagery
Unique URLs
App settings
Fully branded auction application
Interface adjustments
Your own app in the Apple App Store
and Google Play Store
Branded landing pages

Deliver an auction experience like no other. Literally.

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