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Custom Auction SOftware

Give bidders a fully
branded, custom mobile
bidding experience

Provide a more interactive, fun experience for bidders while effectively boosting brand loyalty and revenue with Handbid+.

Apply your own branding for a unique auction experience

Create a custom interface, website, and app

Integrate auction marketplace software with your go-to apps

Elevate your auctions with our easy-to-use custom auction website builder

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White label Handbid for an easily customizable, branded auction experience

Icon of a link on a lilac-colored background, meant to represent Handbid’s ability to easily integrate with other platforms.

Integrate Handbid with existing fundraising tools, single sign-on, CRM, or enterprise backend systems

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Incorporate your own colors, fonts, and branding to foster brand loyalty and stand out

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Create custom landing pages with your own logos and assets, ensuring brand consistency

Icon of a wrench and screwdriver crossing each other on a light purple background, meant to represent how easy it is to make interface adjustments with Handbid’s auction website builder.

Effortlessly take charge of interface changes to create a cohesive and professional experience

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Get your very own auction app, making it more enjoyable, interactive, and efficient for bidders while driving revenue

See what our white-label auction software can do for you

Headshot image of a white woman, Liz, with short blond hair and wearing a black turtle neck. Liz is a Handbid user who’s experienced an increase in fundraising profits using our custom auction software.

"Our fundraising increased by more than seven times with Handbid.

When we used paper bid sheets our auction raised $3,000. When we started using Handbid, our auction raised over $23,000."

- Liz Scull

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Two ways to customize your Handbid experience

Custom Theme

Implement your own fonts, colors, and logos to look and feel like the brand your bidders already love giving to.

With this option, you also get custom landing pages for your event!
Learn more about our custom themes

White Label

The sky’s the limit when you decide to white label Handbid!

We can re-tool the entire interface, integrate with your backend technologies, and even list “Handbid” as your own, custom auctioning app. Plus, get access to our intuitive auction website builder to make changes with ease.

Just tell us what you want!

Custom auction software developed by experts in virtual auctions

From the very beginning, our team designed Handbid to accommodate online bidding. Virtual auctions have always been part of our DNA.

We’ve developed custom auction software for a myriad of verticals including: 

• Nonprofits
• Commercial businesses
• Healthcare
• Retail
• Travel
• Returned and refurbished assets
• Livestock
• Real Estate
• Oil & Gas
• Education
• Sports
• Professional organizations
• Health & Research

We make it easy for bidders of all sectors anywhere on earth to attend your event, bid on items, and pay invoices. You won’t have to cobble together multiple applications to run your event. Easy to implement and easy to use, your team will stop pulling their hair out! Raise more money and make your event unforgettable with Handbid+.
Image of Handbid’s mobile auction bidding interface on two mobile devices, an admin screen and a login screen.

Custom auction software can include any of these modifications

Colors and fonts
3rd party integrations
Logos and imagery
Unique URLs
App settings
Fully branded auction application
Interface adjustments
Your own app in the Apple App Store
and Google Play Store
Branded landing pages

A custom auction software experience like no other – any way you want it.

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