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Make guest check-in easier and faster than ever

AirCodes eliminate the biggest hurdle to a seamless check-in: sponsors who don’t update guest lists.

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Generate guest codes without sponsor input

Distribute codes physically or electronically

Allow participants to register themselves

Why rely on sponsors to update their guest lists?

(you know they won't)

Your generous sponsors might be ready to buy that table for 10 or 20. But providing a list of names, email addresses, and phone numbers for those guests? Don’t count on it.

In the past, event managers had two choices: badger their beloved sponsors for names or slow down check-in and register guests at the door. Handbid’s AirCodes give you a third – and better – option.

Every sponsored guest receives an AirCode in the form of a QR code or NFC tag. They register themselves using the Handbid app, so nobody else has to!

AirCodes are the solution to a complete guest list

Generate AirCodes as QR codes or NFC Tags
Automate check-in by scanning QR codes or NFC tags
Easily assign or reassign AirCodes to sponsors or guests
Ensure guest information is accurate and complete
Shift responsibility of guest registration away from sponsors and event hosts
View guest registration status in real time


These Handbid clients never begin an event with offline or incomplete guest lists

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"Our fundraising increased by more than seven times with Handbid.

When we used paper bid sheets our auction raised $3,000. When we started using Handbid, our auction raised over $23,000."

- Liz Scull

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Here’s how Aircodes works in Handbid

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Generate AirCodes as QR Codes or NFC tags within a Handbid event

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Register AirCodes against a purchased sponsorship

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Print AirCodes on badges or wristbands or distribute electronically

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Distribute AirCodes to sponsors before the event

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Sponsors can distribute the badges, wristbands, or codes to their guests

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Guests use the Handbid app to register themselves using the AirCode

number 7

Guest registration registers each guest as a bidder and completes their guest information

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Event managers can view the real-time status of guest registration

Now you can automate check-in for every sponsored guest

AirCodes are the best way to create a simple, automated, check-in experience for everyone. Nobody will need to wait while you check in sponsored guests!

When guests register their code in the Handbid app, you can be 100% positive their information is accurate and complete. Upon arriving, guests simply scan their AirCode. After that, Handbid informs the guest whether they are properly registered.

Fact: Your guests prefer to enter their own information and love the automated experience. AirCodes also get them to the auction area a whole lot faster!

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With AirCodes, registration and check-in has never been easier

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Guest self-service for registration

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Single event website for ticketing, bidding, and donations

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Fast check-in and ticket scanning

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iPad kiosks for ticketing, bidding, and sales

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Up-front credit card capture

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Secure, PCI-compliant payment system

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One system that manages your data for the entire event

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Less work for you and your event team

Auto-generate guest lists that your guests can maintain on their own

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Offer sponsorship options and discount codes

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No long lines for checking in, checking out, or paying for items

Start using data to plan your next event

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