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Ticketing & Registration

Automate your check-in process and run a hassle-free event

Handbid uses ticketing and registration to streamline guest check-in

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Sell tickets

register guests

capture payment info

When guests arrive, they’ve already got a paddle and a credit card on file

Using Handbid, you can front-load all guest registration information  so there’s almost nothing else to do after a guest arrives. All you have to do is hand them a glass of champagne – and point them to the auction area!

Ticketing and registration features put your entire check-in process on autopilot. From the moment guests show up, they can bid on items and give with total ease.

Built-in ticketing and registration mean less work for you

Consolidate ticket sales with other auction activities
Cut your workload in half by using
one platform for ticketing and auctions
Capture credit card info before your
guests arrive
Store guests’ payment info so it’s
available for future events
Make check-in a breeze using
automatic credit card swipes
Allow ticket purchasers to manage
their own guest list, from the web or
from the Apps
Assign custom paddle numbers at the door or let the guest keep the paddle they already have


Use a separate app for ticket sales? These Handbid clients say, “Never!”

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"Our fundraising increased by more than seven times with Handbid.

When we used paper bid sheets our auction raised $3,000. When we started using Handbid, our auction raised over $23,000."

- Liz Scull

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Here’s how ticketing and registration work in Handbid

number 1

Set up your event in Handbid, specify a ticket price, and make tickets available for sale.

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Guests purchase tickets online and enter registration information.

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Guests can edit their own guest list, freeing up your staff from having to track down guest info before the event

number 4

Guests’ credit card information is securely stored, so they don't have to provide it again.

number 5

When guests arrive at your event, they’ve got a paddle waiting for them.

number 6

Guests pay invoices and check out right from their devices – it only takes seconds.

Get all the boring stuff done before the big day

Self-service registration ensures you have all the guest info you need before your event begins.

When guests show up, there’s virtually nothing for them to do! You’ve already got their information and payment info. After you scan their tickets, they can grab a physical paddle and start mingling.

The best part for you? Ticketing and guest registration is integrated with your auction activities, minimizing your admin workload.

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All the ways Handbid’s ticketing and registration simplifies your life

Guest self-service for registration

Single event website for ticketing, bidding, and donations

Fast check-in and ticket scanning

iPad kiosks for ticketing, bidding, and sales

Up-front credit card capture

Secure, PCI-compliant payment system

One system that manages your data for the entire event

Less work for you and your event team

Auto-generate guest lists that your guests can maintain on their own

Offer sponsorship options and discount codes

No long lines for checking in, checking out, or paying for items

Make guest registration easier than ever

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