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Mobile Auction Management

Set up and modify
auctions from your
mobile device

Manage your entire auction without ever opening a laptop

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Create and
edit items

Send messages
to guests

Make updates
on the fly

Liberate your team from laptop purgatory

We all know what it’s like to hover over a laptop during an event. With Handbid, those days are over.

Handbid lets your team use mobile devices to manage check-in, get real-time auction stats, communicate with guests, add or edit items, and enter live bids and paddle raises. That way, you can make changes faster and be more attentive to guests!

Here’s what Handbid lets you accomplish with a mobile device

Check in and register guests
Swipe guests’ credit cards
Add new auction items
Manage livestreams
Update existing auction items
Broadcast messages to guests
Enter live auction items
Monitor auction analytics
Enter paddle raises
Close the auction with a timer


Mobile auction management helps these clients run picture perfect events

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"Our fundraising increased by more than seven times with Handbid.

When we used paper bid sheets our auction raised $3,000. When we started using Handbid, our auction raised over $23,000."

- Liz Scull

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Here’s how mobile auction management works

number 1

Use the Handbid app to add and edit auction items.

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Check guests in at the door using the Handbid app– no “laptop at the table” required.

number 3

Update auction items on the fly from anywhere in the room.

number 4

Monitor auction stats at any point during the event, from any location.

number 5

Enter and process live auction purchases at the guest’s table, not a staff table all the way across the room.

Be more attentive and responsive to guests

Who wants to be stuck at a laptop as the auction and donation appeals commence?

Managing a fundraising event from your mobile device isn’t just about convenience – it’s about being available to guests where they are, when they need you. Mobile auction management allows you to move around the room and make adjustments on the fly.

You’ll get more done, faster. And your guests will have a better time.

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Just a few advantages you enjoy with mobile auction management

Less physical technology needed on site

Quickly address guests’ registration or auction questions without making them wait or get up

Be more agile and available during the event

Register guests and swipe credit cards without using a laptop

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Make quick updates to auction items without sitting down at a desk

Broadcast updates to all guests no matter where you are in the room

Add live auction items from anywhere in the room

Check auction stats and analytics at any time, from any location

Easily manage your event livestream

Enter paddle raises as the auctioneer calls them out

When it comes to auctions, you’ve got all the tech you need in your pocket

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