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Handbid Releases 2.20: The Puzzle Project, A New and Improved Android App, and Much More!

New features include the Puzzle Project, pricing updates, improvements to Android
New features include the Puzzle Project, pricing updates, improvements to Android


Happy 2019 everyone!

While you all were enjoying the holidays, we snuck in another Handbid release with some really cool feature upgrades.  While some of you may have noticed them in your manager, we wanted to wait to announce them until most of you were back at work.   So without further ado, let's discuss the latest Handbid 2.20 release!

Handbid's New Features Update

Handbid Puzzle Project

This is a new feature upgrade we are excited to introduce to you.  The Handbid Puzzle is a unique way to fundraise within the Handbid silent auction platform.  While most organizations put up a donation page for their cause or their project with a thermometer to track progress toward a goal, the Puzzle offers a twist on that approach.  Instead of a thermometer, your donors can purchase a piece to a puzzle that can "unlock” a new reality. Huh? It's probably best to show you than to explain it, so please watch the Puzzle Overview video here for an overview of it.  

Handbid Silent Auction Software Puzzle Piece Example


Handbid Pricing Updates

We have a few pricing updates as well for 2019.  Unlike our competitors, we want to be fully transparent with our pricing.  So here goes:

  • Handbid Puzzle purchases will incur a 5% fee.  This can be passed on to the donor through a premium.
  • We have increased the number of items for the BASIC plan from 100 to 125 for the same $1,295 price.

New and Improved Android App

We took on a big project this fall to rebuild our Android app.  It has been a few years since the original one was built, and like that junk drawer you have in your kitchen, Apps sometimes need a full clean-out; Android apps for sure.  We had hung on to some "old code” necessary to support very old versions of Android (unlike iPhone users, Android users are not as quick to upgrade their OS). So it was time to remove support for versions of Android < 6.0 (The current Android OS version is 9.0).  Not only does that make the app more secure (we can use more modern security methods), but it also makes it smaller, leaner, and much faster. So check out this upgrade in the Play Store today!

Additional Updates

In addition to the Puzzle release and improved Android app, we also included several other bug fixes:

  • Value Received has been added back to the item purchases report. It was there, then it wasn't (sorry about that).  Now it is.
  • The iPad guest list now has the Paddle Number for registered bidders listed next to their name. This will make it much easier to identify guests who are already registered on the iPad app.
  • The total value of multiple items purchased was not properly shown on Handbid TV. This is now fixed!
  • In the item list view, the filters at the top (filter by item-type, status) were not working.  We have fixed this so now you can use them as combinations (e.g. show me all silent and live items with bids).
  • Handbid tried to let you send a broadcast message to 0 bidders. Which I think we all agree makes no sense.  When it couldn't find any bidders to send a message to, it would get confused and error out. Now it won't do that.  Try to send a message to 0 bidders and Handbid will tell you that you're crazy (in a nice and polite way).



Well those were the overall highlights from our 2.20 release.  If you have any questions about some of these new enhancements; or, if you have any suggestions of your own, please reach out to us at!


Thank you,


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