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How to have a Rockstar Silent Auction Checkout!

Tips to improve your auction checkout
Tips to improve your auction checkout

One of the most common reasons Organizations reach out to us is because the Check-Out process of their auction is a "nightmare.” We seriously hear this phrase a lot...a "nightmare.”

So, how can you avoid a nightmare checkout and allow your guests to leave your event with great memories and a burning desire to return next year? We've got a lot of ideas!

Most of our ideas are based on our experience with our platform, but they can be applied to many different kinds of mobile bidding tools. Make sure you have a plan to collect your money, to distribute your items to the winners, and to thank your event's attendees.

Of all of the top reasons to use mobile bidding software, our customers might enjoy how easy it is for guests to check out.  In fact, we provide all the tips you need on how to run a great checkout on our software in our Handbid knowledge base.

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Don't just stop at our guide, though. You need to consider how the following factors will affect your checkout:

  • How are you collecting payments and donations?
  • How is your actual checkout process organized?
  • How will you be thanking your guests?

Tips to improve your auction checkout

How are you collecting payments?

You are planning to allow people to pay through their mobile app, but how will you collect that money? Are you going to require that people have a CC on file in order to bid, or are you going to be capturing these cards at the door? Are your guests prepared for this?

Whatever your strategy for collecting money, understand that it's much more complicated than you may think. For example, the following scenarios are more than common from our experience:

  • Your bidders might not be aware that they won (or lost) an item 
  • Make sure you have some volunteers or staff members ready with iPads or other devices near the checkout line to verify that they won an item. This will help shorten the line, and will reduce the pressure on the checkout team.

Learn about best practices in setting up & collecting payments in our Rock Star Checkout eBook

How are you organizing checkout?

If you're utilizing mobile bidding technology, your guests are realizing that they're able to pay through their mobile device. They're paying for their items, but now they're starting to line up to collect their items. 

This is where so many silent auctions make mistakes: they forgot to plan how items will be distributed to guests. 

To keep things running smoothly, and to keep your guests coming back, you must have a process to get your winners their items. This is often the last chance you have to make a positive impression for your guests.

Here's what we tell our customers to help them organize checkout:

  • Establish a numbering system
  • To make identification easier, create a numerical system to help your team organize items. 100s can be for gift cards, 200s for physical items, 300s for gift certificates AND physical items, 400s for consignment items, 500s for large physical items, etc.
  • Train your staff members for checkout
  • Ensure you have plenty of people to help get guests out the door. Have volunteers to 'run' for items, other staff members to help people checkout,  and how to collect payments that aren't digital.

How are you saying 'thank you'?

Give thanks consider a post-event survey cards to all the bidders/winners


Still Stressed?  

There is no need to stress. You can do this! We can help.  Read through our awesome checkout strategies and reach out to us for further advice or answers to your questions!  


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