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Boosting Fundraising Success: How to Motivate Your Fundraising Committee to Recruit Auction Items

Discover effective ways to motivate your fundraising committee to recruit auction items that will help boost your fundraising success.
Motivating Your Auction Committee to Recruit Auction Items
Discover effective ways to motivate your fundraising committee to recruit auction items that will help boost your fundraising success.

Fundraising auctions are an effective way to raise money for a cause or organization. However, the success of this kind of event heavily relies on the efforts of the fundraising committee to secure quality auction items. In this blog post, we will explore strategies to motivate your fundraising committee to recruit auction items.

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Set Clear Goals and Expectations

One of the key factors in motivating your fundraising committee to recruit auction items is setting clear goals and expectations. Communicate the importance of securing quality items for the success of the auction. Carefully analyze which categories, packages, and items generated the most money at last year’s auction, and set specific goals for going after those types of items again this year. 

Build a wish list of items and businesses, set specific targets for the number and minimum value of items you want to get, and the deadline for securing donations. Create a year-round timeline and a sense of urgency. Many businesses commit to donations on a monthly, quarterly or annual schedule, so the timing of your committee’s ask could be everything. Create a calendar of when to ask certain businesses on your wish list. 

Encourage healthy competition among committee members to achieve auction item goals. Regularly review and update the team’s progress, and recognize committee members who excel in their efforts.

Set Clear Goals and Expectations with your Auction Committee

Provide Tools, Strategies, and Resources

Equipping your fundraising committee with the right tools, strategies, and resources can significantly boost their motivation to recruit auction items. Provide them with materials like scripts, flyers, and email templates that they can use to solicit donations from potential donors. Utilize online auction software that makes it easy to manage and track items and donations online.

Offer guidance on how to approach businesses, what to say, and how to follow up effectively. You can even do a little role-play with them to help build their confidence. You want to make it as easy as possible for potential donors to say ‘yes’ to your committee and donate auction items.

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Regularly Communicate with Your Committee Members

One effective way to continually motivate your committee is to communicate needs, progress, and wins, both big and small. Give regular updates via email, group text, or apps like Slack, with new ideas, big items secured, and how much time is left to secure item donations. When your team feels in the loop, they will begin to own the process and make better progress on getting donations.

Encourage Committee Members to Tap into Their Personal Networks

One often overlooked resource is the personal connections of your committee members. Encourage them to tap into their personal networks, such as family, friends, colleagues, and even businesses where they frequent, to secure donations for your auction. Places of business are much more likely to donate when there is a personal connection, even if that personal connection is a regular customer they often do business with.

Auction committee members can get donations from places where they do business on a regular basis

Foster a Collaborative and Supportive Environment

Build a collaborative and supportive environment among your fundraising committee members. Assign specific roles and responsibilities to each committee member based on their strengths and interests. Foster a culture of teamwork and collaboration, where committee members can share ideas, insights, and best practices. There is strength in numbers, so pair your committee members off to go out into the community and solicit businesses together so that it’s less intimidating. 

Communicate Impact

Help your fundraising committee members understand the impact of their efforts. Clearly communicate the positive outcomes that can be achieved through successful fundraising auctions, such as funding important programs and research, or making a difference in the lives of those in need. Share stories from people who benefit from your organization to illustrate the difference their efforts will make. Keep them updated on the progress of the fundraising campaign and the positive change their donations will help to create.

Motivating your fundraising committee to recruit auction items is essential for the success of your fundraising auction. By setting clear goals and expectations, providing tools and resources, offering incentives, fostering a sense of ownership, creating a collaborative and supportive environment, and communicating impact, you can boost your committee's motivation and drive their efforts.

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