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Tune in to this engaging episode of "Elevate Your Event" where we chat with event planning expert, Adrienne Coffey. Adrienne shares her insights on how a professional event planner can transform your fundraiser from standard to standout.

We discuss the importance of strategic planning, enhancing guest engagement, and incorporating technology to improve the overall event experience. Adrienne also offers tips for ensuring smooth guest check-ins and maintaining high energy levels throughout the event.

This episode is packed with valuable advice to help you organize a memorable and effective fundraiser. Don’t miss out—listen now and learn how to elevate your next event!

Main Topics

  • 00:02:12: Adrian's journey into event planning
  • 00:06:14: Goals and measures for successful event
  • 00:13:26: Challenges faced during event planning
  • 00:15:59: Dealing with old methods and resistance to change
  • 00:18:38: The importance of planning committees and board input
  • 00:22:43: Tips for event success
  • 00:27:37: Adjusting event plans due to scheduling conflicts
  • 00:32:06: Discussions on Event Bidding
  • 00:35:02: Importance of Hiring an Event Planner
  • 00:43:52: Allocating Time for Donor Interaction

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