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Sit back, relax, and put on our “Elevate Your Event” podcast to learn a gazillion different ways to host more fun (and more lucrative) fundraising events.

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Hey there, listeners! Welcome back to another exciting episode of the Elevate Your Event podcast. We're thrilled to have you join us once again as we continue our exploration of "Elevating Fundraising Events: A Guide to User Experience and Technology Integration." And we’re welcoming back our guest, Monica Pitts from MayeCreate Design!

As we know, fundraising events are the heartbeat of nonprofit organizations, and mastering their execution and technology integration is crucial for success. In today's episode, we're delving even deeper into how technology can take your fundraising efforts to the next level.

We'll be shining a spotlight on enhancing the donor experience, with a particular focus on streamlined, one-click donation options. This innovative approach, inspired by successful systems in e-commerce, has the power to revolutionize nonprofit fundraising by encouraging larger and more frequent contributions.

So, buckle up and get ready for another enlightening discussion as we dive into valuable insights!

Main Topics

  • 00:04:06: Discussing the design and interface of donation systems
  • 00:05:35: Poor practices in nonprofit newsletters
  • 00:07:15: Tips to improve the donation process
  • 00:09:33: Sharing success stories with the use of innovative donation technology
  • 00:14:53: Importance of event planning on websites
  • 00:19:08: Don't hide your donate button and contact information
  • 00:21:28: Brand implementation on your website
  • 00:24:25: A website change will not solve deeper problems


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