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Welcome to another episode of Elevate Your Event! Today, we're excited to welcome special guests from Alumni Finder, a trusted provider of comprehensive alumni database solutions for nonprofits and educational institutions. With Alumni Finder's expertise in harnessing data for effective engagement, our expert panel will delve into the importance of high-quality donor data for fundraising success.

Join us as we explore strategies for personalized communication, database management, and the significant impact of clean data on campaign performance. With insights from both our expert panel and Alumni Finder, this discussion promises to provide valuable guidance for nonprofits looking to optimize their fundraising efforts and strengthen connections with donors. Don't miss out on this enriching conversation!

Main Topics

  • 00:02:10: Alumni Finder's mission and methods
  • 00:03:11: Importance of maintaining accurate data
  • 00:04:01: Importance of correct data before campaign
  • 00:07:00: Delivering cleaned-up data
  • 00:10:21: Detailed profiles and data utilization
  • 00:15:30: Reverse email append service
  • 00:17:24: Documenting data and processes
  • 00:21:33: Data management importance
  • 00:31:04: Data privacy considerations
  • 00:36:58: Knowing compliance elements
  • 00:38:24: Cruciality of correct, reliable data
  • 00:39:47: Importance of data collection and maintenance
  • 00:41:04: Getting started with Alumni Finder
  • 00:42:10: Final thoughts and wrap-up


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