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Jeff Porter, our CEO, was also recently featured on a panel discussion for NX Unite called “Thinking Ahead: Bringing Your Nonprofit into the Future with Tech.”

In this episode, Jeff is going to share some invaluable insights into how nonprofits can navigate the complex world of event technology in 2024. We'll be covering a range of topics, from event tech solutions to transparency in the industry, the importance of exceptional customer service, understanding the true costs and risks involved, setting achievable implementation goals, and choosing the right CRM system for effective donor engagement. Plus, we'll wrap up our conversation with a strategic approach to event technology for nonprofits.

Jeff provides his expertise and guides you through the challenges and opportunities that technology can bring. He'll discuss how nonprofits can tackle tech-related concerns by doing their research, asking the right questions, and making well-informed decisions in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Main Topics:

  • 00:02:13: Best Practices for Nonprofits' Tech Evaluation
  • 00:07:09: Questions to Ask Before Purchasing New Software
  • 00:10:42: Future Proofing Nonprofits' Tech Infrastructure
  • 00:19:30: Emerging technologies in nonprofits
  • 00:22:17: Impact of blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and big data on nonprofits
  • 00:26:41: Trends in the nonprofit tech space
  • 00:38:24: Building Trust and Ensuring Good Customer Service
  • 00:41:27: Common Mistakes in Incorporating New Technology
  • 00:49:06: Dealing with the Overwhelming Aspects of Tech Implementation


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