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Initiated in 2012, Giving Tuesday goes beyond borders, uniting over 90 countries in a collective celebration of generosity. Last year witnessed a remarkable 35 million adults participating worldwide, contributing an astounding $3.1 billion in cash alone. However, the essence of Giving Tuesday goes beyond financial contributions; it encompasses donated time, services, and goods.

Nonprofit organizations have the opportunity to leverage this day of benevolence in many ways to bolster their fundraising campaigns. It serves as a platform to enhance organizational visibility, reaching individuals who may be unfamiliar with the cause. Strategies like peer-to-peer fundraisers and text-to-give campaigns play a pivotal role in making giving more accessible. By steering away from the exclusive nature of high-budget galas, organizations tap into the familiarity younger generations have with Giving Tuesday, making their involvement more likely.

Giving Tuesday isn't a one-way street. Organizations can actively participate in giving, choosing to give back to donors, employees, or the charities they support. While Giving Tuesday acts as a catalyst, sparking a surge of generosity, the fundamental message should revolve around the organization and its core values. It's not just a day; it's an opportunity to showcase the heart of what the organization stands for.

Main Topics

  • Origins of Giving Tuesday (02:15)
  • Ways to use Giving Tuesday to support your organization (05:10)
  • Different types of campaigns (08:05)
  • Peer to peer campaigns (10:45)
  • Text to give campaigns (14:30)
  • Interactive fundraising ideas (20:40)

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