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At any event, the team of people making it all happen is the most important foundation for success. Drawing from Patrick Lencioni’s The Working Genius, the team at Handbid discuss the six different types of working styles and how to utilize them to maximize profitability. Typically people are innately gifted in two types, resistant to two types, and competent in the remaining types. Here is a breakdown of the working geniuses as applied to running a charitable event:

  1. People with the Genius of Wonder push organizations towards change with a natural gift for pondering the possibilities in every situation. At planning meetings for events, they are constantly questioning how the program could be better in the future.
  2. Those with the Genius of Invention thrive on creatively solving problems and drafting plans to bring ideas into being. They love to think outside the box to make the impossible become a reality.
  3. Team members with the Genius of Discernment can intuitively discriminate between good and bad ideas and provide important checks and balances. They are especially good at pattern recognition and trend identification, ensuring that every aspect of the event aligns with purpose.
  4. The Genius of Galvanizing usually manifests in team cheerleaders, those who are able to rally the troops with inspiration and a call to action. These people excel at coordinating volunteers, recruiting, and running check-in.
  5. People with the Genius of Enablement provide encouragement and assistance for ideas and projects. These are the helpers and customer service team members who help set up and tear down an event.
  6. Finally, those with the Genius of Tenacity push projects to completion to achieve desired results, often doing the jobs no one else wants to do. They are all about the execution and are therefore great team members for acquiring auction items.

An assessment of each team members’ working geniuses allows leaders to place people in optimal roles for their strengths. It can also reveal gaps in the team that need to be filled as it takes all six types for a team to function well. While many event teams are composed of any and all willing volunteers, knowing and understanding people’s strengths and weaknesses can make or break the success of an event.

Main Topics

  • Introduction to The Working Genius (03:47)
  • 6 Types of working genius (05:30)
  • Handbid team’s personal working geniuses (08:20)
  • Genius of Wonder (10:40)
  • Genius of Invention (13:15)
  • Genius of Discernment (14:55)
  • Genius of Galvanizing (20:00)
  • Genius of Enablement (21:50)
  • Genius of Tenacity (23:50)
  • Mapping out your team (27:10)


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