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Welcome to another engaging episode of "Elevate Your Event"! In this edition, we dive into the innovative ways schools are harnessing technology to revolutionize their fundraising efforts. With the rapid shift to remote learning, technological advancements have played a pivotal role in enhancing the effectiveness of school fundraising.

Our CEO and Founder, Jeff Porter, recently participated in another insightful NXUnite panel, where he explored the transformative impacts of integrating admissions and fundraising within educational institutions. By synchronizing data across departments, schools are streamlining communication channels and fostering a more cohesive school community.

Additionally, we delve into the emergence of sophisticated online directories tailored specifically for educational institutions. These platforms, likened to a LinkedIn for schools, provide alumni with a space to connect, engage, and contribute to the culture of giving back.

Embracing technology goes beyond simplifying processes; it allows schools to cultivate deeper connections with their alumni base, ultimately increasing support for various fundraising initiatives. Join us as we uncover the profound influence of technology on reshaping the landscape of school fundraising.

Main Topics:

  • 00:02:19: Fundraising best practices
  • 00:10:11: Innovative strategies and tools for fundraising
  • 00:18:52: Tips on engaging donors personally and building long lasting relationships
  • 00:25:45: Personalizing communication with data
  • 00:28:56: Integrating digital strategies into fundraising mix
  • 00:31:14: Balancing traditional approaches with new strategies
  • 00:33:25: Importance of staying ahead of donor base
  • 00:40:04: Two types of KPIs: Lead and Lag measures
  • 00:48:33: The Future of School Fundraising


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