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Sit back, relax, and put on our “Elevate Your Event” podcast to learn a gazillion different ways to host more fun (and more lucrative) fundraising events.

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Welcome back to "Elevate Your Event"! Today's episode is going to be a fascinating exploration into the world of philanthropy, particularly focusing on the remarkable impact of women. And guess what? We're thrilled to have a returning guest with us, Marissa Walters from Wild Hair Auctions.

Women are truly making waves in the philanthropic landscape. Beyond just writing checks, they're actively engaging, bringing their skills, time, and heartfelt dedication to the causes they believe in.

We'll be delving into why emotional connections and representation matter so much in charitable giving. It's all about aligning with causes that resonate deeply with you. And did you know that women make up a significant 71% of the workforce in fundraising? That's a testament to their growing influence and dedication.

Join us for this insightful discussion as we uncover the evolving role of women in philanthropy and how their collective efforts are shaping a more diverse and inclusive future. It's going to be an enlightening conversation!

Main Topics

  • 00:03:38: Influence of Women's Emotional Intelligence in Donating
  • 00:07:24: Women as Fundraisers
  • 00:10:23: Highlighting Female-focused Events
  • 00:14:57: Women-only Fundraising Tactics
  • 00:18:15: Women-focused Events and Fundraising Tips
  • 00:28:23: Considerations for Event Afterparties

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