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Join us as we sit down with Kevin Spykerman to chat about all things auction items and the secrets to getting them. We dive into why presentation and service can make or break your auction packages. Kevin shares some top-notch tips on how to get board members involved and leverage their connections, emphasizing the need for clear direction and accountability.

We also talk about the perks of consignment items and why quality and service are king in the auction world. You'll hear strategies to boost your fundraising efforts through live auctions, including how to read your audience and tailor items to their interests and spending power. Plus, we discuss offering unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that people can't just buy anywhere.

We also tackle the tricky task of selling items like artwork and gift cards, offering up creative ideas to make them more appealing. This episode is packed with insights and tips to help you host a successful live auction. Don't miss it!


  • Consignment items can be a valuable tool in fundraising events, but it's important to choose quality packages and provide excellent service to winning bidders.
  • When soliciting items, it's helpful to provide direction and a shortlist of categories to board members, leveraging their networks and connections.
  • Accountability is crucial in the process of soliciting items, and board members should be actively involved in securing donations.
  • Presentation plays a significant role in the success of auction items, and utilizing videos and other visual materials can enhance the bidding experience.
  • Service and attention to detail are essential when working with auction packages, ensuring that the items are fulfilled as described and providing excellent customer support. Understand your audience and tailor auction items to their interests and spending capacity.
  • Offer unique and once-in-a-lifetime experiences that cannot be easily purchased elsewhere.
  • Consider the challenges of selling certain items, such as artwork and gift cards, and explore alternative approaches to make them more appealing.
  • Engage professional writers to create compelling item descriptions for your auction.
  • Reach out to experts in the field, like Kevin Spykerman, for advice and guidance on maximizing fundraising efforts through live auctions.

Main Topics

  • 00:00 Introduction and Setting the Topic
  • 02:41 Quality and Marketing of Auction Packages
  • 05:10 New Resources for Nonprofits
  • 08:01 The Power of Video in Auction Presentations
  • 10:12 Process of Determining Packages for Events
  • 15:28 Importance of Service and Reliability in Consignment
  • 22:09 Soliciting Items from Board Members
  • 24:58 Accountability and Leveraging Board Networks
  • 27:40 Maximizing Fundraising Efforts Through Live Auctions
  • 29:42 The Power of Unique Experiences in Live Auctions
  • 31:44 Having Underwriters to Maximize Auction Items
  • 35:26 The Most Expensive Items Sold in Live Auctions
  • 39:04 Adding Value to Auction Items
  • 40:58 Challenges and Alternatives for Selling Certain Items
  • 43:26 The Limitations of Selling Services in Auctions
  • 46:47 The Importance of Compelling Item Descriptions
  • 49:42 Expert Advice for Successful Live Auctions

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