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Sit back, relax, and put on our “Elevate Your Event” podcast to learn a gazillion different ways to host more fun (and more lucrative) fundraising events.

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The team at Handbid welcomes a new member to the podcast for this special episode—Chat GPT! They prompt the language bot to provide fun, creative, and informative questions for the team addressing all the topics listeners need to know to host an epic event. Shocking and comedic stories roll as they discuss their most memorable moments from the wide variety of events at which Handbid has worked. From public celebrity outbursts to outrageous items auctioned off, the scope and breadth of their experience has not only given them extensive knowledge for hosting fundraisers but also creative ways to increase profitability. Gamifying the auction experience creates an environment of competitive fun that increases revenue for the organization. Some other prompts asked the team to provide their top 5 historical auction attendees and the most interesting fictitious places or experiences offered to guests for bidding. Tune in to hear the juicy details of bids gone wrong, beer pong at auction events, and secret vacations for the highest bidder who is whisked away to surprise destinations. When you’ve been in the event industry as long as the Handbid team, there is no shortage of wild and unexpected experiences!

Main Topics

  • Receiving podcast ideas from Chat GPT (02:00)
  • Most interesting item for auction (03:10)
  • Bidding war stories (11:05)
  • Unique auction dream team (13:35)
  • Dream location for silent auctions (16:45)
  • Turning ordinary items into extraordinary auction items (20:00)
  • Memorable fundraising tactics (25:25)
  • Creative technology applications (35:25)
  • Top 5 historical bidders (40:45)
  • Auctioning off fictitious experiences (42:12)

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