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Tune in to this special episode of "Elevate Your Event," where we wrap up the Derby Event series with a final behind-the-scenes look at the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association Derby event. We'll revisit how cutting-edge tech and creative pre-event fundraising ideas turned this event into a huge success.

Join us as we highlight the magic of mobile bidding apps, Handbid ticketing systems, and the smart logistical tweaks that helped hit our goals. We'll also talk about how paying attention to little details like auction item placement and vendor stall locations made a big difference for attendees.

From selecting the perfect venue to collaborating seamlessly with vendors, 17 years of event management experience shine through as we discuss the evolution of non-profit fundraising events. This episode is packed with tips and inspiration, perfect for anyone looking to elevate their events. Don't miss out on this comprehensive recap!

Main Topics

  • 00:04:01: Reflecting on the Event
  • 00:10:47: Pre-event Fundraisers
  • 00:15:58: Event Recap
  • 00:18:06: Importance of Vendors Collaboration
  • 00:21:22: Gathering Feedback via survey QR Code
  • 00:24:15: Handling Complaints and Feedback
  • 00:25:52: Event Money Management

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