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Sit back, relax, and put on our “Elevate Your Event” podcast to learn a gazillion different ways to host more fun (and more lucrative) fundraising events.

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Join us for the latest episode of "Elevate Your Event" featuring the dynamic Emma Ord! Emma dives into the world of user-centric design principles and their impact on event accessibility and overall experience.

Emma doesn't just talk accessibility—she brings a fresh perspective on how these principles can make events more engaging for everyone. From innovative visual design concepts to practical tips for venue accessibility, Emma shares valuable insights to level up your event planning game.

If you're ready to create events that are not only inclusive but also exciting and memorable, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in to learn how to elevate your events with Emma's expertise!

Main Topics

  • 00:04:44: Importance of planning for accessibility in advance
  • 00:07:00: The role of technology in enhancing accessibility
  • 00:13:25: User customization for accessibility on websites
  • 00:18:43: Accessibility Journey for In-Person Events
  • 00:26:01: Asking Attendees about Need for Accommodations
  • 00:31:06: Balancing Accommodations with Overall Guest Comfort
  • 00:34:08: Opportunity for sponsors to help with costs

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