Mobile Bidding | Silent Auction Software from Handbid

Mobile Bidding | Silent Auction Software from Handbid

Transform your guests’ auction experience with Handbid’s mobile bidding platform and app, providing accessible, convenient, on-the-go auction capability.

Mobile bidding software allows nonprofit organizations to run paperless in-person, hybrid, and virtual auctions. Rather than relying on paper bidding sheets and handwritten bids, guests browse items and place bids from their smartphones, creating a more convenient and competitive bidding experience. 

With Handbid’s mobile bidding and online auction software, your organization will raise more money through higher user engagement in your virtual, hybrid, or in-person auctions. 

How Mobile Bidding Works


Download the AppGet started with Handbid's mobile bidding by downloading the app.

Get started with mobile bidding by downloading Handbid’s intuitive native app for Apple iPhone, iPad, and Google’s Android operating systems. Guests will access your auction through a one-click link sent to their mobile phone or by using Handbid’s search tools that show auctions by name, date, or near a user’s current location. 

Easy Check-in and Registration

Mobile bidding software speeds up the ticketing, registration, and check-in process, reducing lines and other hassles that might cause extended wait times at in-person events. With Handbid’s mobile bidding apps, guests will be able to purchase tickets straight from their app’s dashboard and save them to their phone’s wallet. Handbid even has QR codes that you can have scanned at check-in to get guests quickly through the registration line!  

Encourage Bids

Mobile bidding apps allow users to bid more often at both in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. At in-person gatherings, guests can quickly bid on items without interrupting their conversations, while mobile bidding encourages guests to stay tuned into their virtual auctions until the event’s end. In both cases, guests can place more bids, leading to potential bidding wars and more auction revenue! 

Self Check-Out

Once the auction ends, the Handbid app takes bidders directly to their invoice. From there, bidders can review their winning items and pay with ApplePay, Google Pay, or a credit card they securely stored with Handbid.


Mobile Bidding Features


Get invoices straight from your phone with mobile bidding.

Native Apps

Nearly all other auction software solutions offer only a mobile-optimized website instead of a native app. While this is superior to paper bid sheets, it is inferior to the user experience available in a native app (an app that a user downloads to their device). Native apps like Handbid’s mobile bidding app for Apple and Android provide a faster, more secure, more engaging, and more user-friendly experience over any web-based bidding interface. 

Push Notifications and Text Alerts

Push notifications and text alerts keep bidding competitive, as Handbid notifies guests immediately when they are outbid. With Handbid, guests can customize how they’re alerted, choosing between push notifications, SMS, or pausing alerts entirely. 

Universal User Accounts

With Handbid, users create one universal account, allowing them to attend multiple events hosted by your organization without re-entering their personal information and credit card details each time. This universal account capability reduces data entry, fosters supporter loyalty, allows you to easily get bidders reconnected to your next event, and streamlines a bidder’s registration.

Online Event Management Tools

Along with mobile bidding, Handbid’s silent auction software also provides organizations with a variety of event management tools, including live-streaming, ticketing and guest list management, rapid check-in through QR code scanning, in-room or virtual paddle raises, live thermometers and dashboards, real-time statistics, and detailed reports. 


Benefits of Mobile Bidding

Get notifications sent straight to your phone with mobile bidding.

Keep Donors Focused on Your Event 

Tracking their bids on paper bid sheets distracts your guests from the rest of your event. With mobile bidding, guests will be able to watch their bids on their phones, allowing them to quickly counterbid from their seat and not miss any important aspects of your event.  

Go Paperless

Mobile bidding creates a seamless auction experience for your guests and your team. At your auction’s end, rather than collecting and sorting through paper bid sheets with hard-to-read handwriting while your guests wait to checkout, guests will automatically be alerted to the items they’ve won. Plus, data from your auction will be safely stored in your auction’s database in Handbid, reducing time-consuming data entry or report generation for your staff. 

Real-Time Reporting 

Real-time reporting allows your guests to stay up-to-date on their bids while providing your staff the ability to communicate with guests. During your auction, you can alert your guests about popular auction items, draw attention to items with no bids, let them know when a fundraising goal has been surpassed, or send an alert when it’s time for them to sit for dinner. 

Raise More

Handbid’s software will maximize your auction’s fundraising potential. With mobile bidding, guests will have an easy-to-use bidding method, encouraging them to place more bids and stay on top of competitive auctions. The result? More auction revenue, delighted guests, a relaxed staff, and a happy Board!


Testimonials about Handbid’s Mobile Bidding Software


“Since entering into a master service agreement with Handbid, five colleges and departments have hosted successful fundraisers on the platform. Several of these events had never had an online component. Handbid allowed us to expand our reach and connect with alumni and donors across the country. Handbid will help us continue to facilitate this virtual engagement, even as we return to more in-person events this fall!” -Melanie Edwards, Director of Online Engagement

“We’re putting our awesome Handbid system to work, and it’s been terrific! Everything went really well. I added some auction items on the fly, we like how easy the interface is on that. Guests responded well to the app and I was excited to see that we had some offsite bidders. We were hoping to increase our total by being able to take bids from people outside the event. We have a new finance manager who was pleased with how accessible and helpful all the reporting is.” -Rachel Schuld, Executive Director of the Minnesota Wild Foundation

“The Handbid team has been incredible to work with these last few years through the auction efforts conducted at our LPGA affiliated Tournament of Champions for Diamond Resorts. They have shown a high degree of flexibility and collaborative expertise with our different venues over the years at Diamond. From their hands-on strategic planning and real time assistance needed for our traditional live and silent auctions to their collaborative work conducted with intensive online auction platforms and push marketing to overcome COVID challenges, their efforts are impactful and resourceful. Handbid’s passion and background in the work they take on is evident and can be utilized to make clients shine and achieve their fundraising objectives year after year.” Eva Esteban, VP – Organizational Development & Community Outreach, at Diamond Resorts


Get Started With Our Industry-Leading Mobile Bidding Software


Handbid’s mobile bidding software has been the trusted auction solution of choice for thousands of nonprofit organizations, ranging in size and industry, thanks to its flexible pricing, scale, and ease of use. 

With Handbid, you’ll receive both industry-leading mobile bidding software and unbeatable customer service. Nonprofits that sign up with Handbid have the option to receive custom training and on-site support for their auctions, as well as an auction “headstart” where our staff will set up your entire mobile bidding site for you. 

Explore how Handbid can elevate your auctions and even become your nonprofit’s partner in auction fundraising.

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