Last Updated March 15, 2020

Handbid Business Continuity Plan

Unplanned events can have a dramatic impact on our ability to carry out our commitments to our charity heroes (customers), corporate clients, business partners, resellers and shareholders, (collectively referred to here as “constituents”). In the event of Significant Business Disruptions (SBD), Handbid, Inc. has implemented a Business Continuity Plan to minimize customer and employee impact. Below is an overview of Handbid, Inc. Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

Contacting Us

In the event that we are unable to communicate with our constituents through normal channels, we will post on our website as well as within our manager software.  This post will contain information about the current situation as well as instructions on how you can communicate with us.

Our Business Continuity Policy / Plan (BCP)

Handbid, Inc.’s policy is to respond to a Significant Business Disruption (SBD) by safeguarding employees and customer well-being and safety, making an operational assessment of the situation, quickly recovering and resuming operations, implementing measures to maintain operations and safety during the SBD, and ultimately allowing our charity heroes and corporate clients to operate their fundraisers.   In the event we determine we are unable to continue our business or unable to provide a service that allows our charity heroes and corporate clients to operate their fundraisers, we will promptly notify all impacted parties.

In the event of an incident affecting our ability to work safely or effectively in any of our locations, Handbid will immediately invoke an alternative (remote) work location policy for its workforce.  In addition, we will communicate any impacts to affected parties regarding any changes to our service levels or ability to staff or support fundraisers.

Our BCP also addresses our backup-and-recovery procedures, identifies critical systems, work locations and alternative (remote) work plans, and outlines alternative communication plans with constituents.

Significant Business Disruption (SBD)

In the event of a significant business disruption to any work location or critical Handbid, Inc. system, this disruption may be caused by physical damage, technology problems, or an inability to have personnel arrive at the office. If the location is unusable, Handbid Inc. will implement remote work procedures or invoke its disaster recovery plan (for systems) that will enable the operations to seamlessly move to alternative locations.

Security and Data Privacy

Handbid, Inc. takes the security and privacy of its customers and customer data very seriously.  In addition to our BCP and disaster recovery plan, we have implemented and maintain a security policy based upon the NIST framework.  This policy governs our processes and procedures regarding the operation of our business and reinforces our commitment to keep our customer’s data protected and as safe as possible.

Changes to this Statement

If you have any questions about our business continuity planning, our security policies or our commitment to data privacy and security,  please reach out to us at