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Expand beyond Auctions and reach donors throughout the year through Handbid’s interactive Crowd Funding and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising tools. Both built with Handbid’s attention to quality and user experience.

Everyone has a Thermometer. You can have a Puzzle!

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Provide a fun and interactive way to fundraise with Handbid’s Puzzle project. Your donors will love it!

Create a “New Reality” that defines your fundraiser’s goal

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The Puzzle project allows you to define a new reality that is different from today’s current state through “before” and “after” photos. Chop up these photos into a set of pieces and sell them to donors. As the pieces are purchased, Handbid will reveal your “after” photo showing your donors how they will contribute to your desired “future” state!

Make the Puzzle Interactive!

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Your donors will see the puzzle reveal in real time as pieces are purchased, whether they view this from the Web or at your event on Handbid TV!

Stay home with Handbid’s Peer to Peer fundraising platform! (coming soon)

There are a lot of other options for running peer-to-peer fundraisers, but ours is integrated into Handbid: giving you a single place to manage all of your donors and fundraisers. Existing users (those that have attended your auctions or events) can be up and running with the click of a button!

What’s a little competition amongst friends?

One thing we’ve learned: a little competition drives donations. Afterall, your fundraisers love to win, even if the prize is just the right to brag on social media. So our peer-to-peer platform is built with competition in mind. Leaderboards showing both top fundraisers and top teams!

Single integrated manager interface

If you are an existing Handbid client, you will be super comfortable with our user-friendly manager interface. If you are new to Handbid, get ready to be impressed. Our manager interface makes it easy to setup, organize and run your fundraiser!

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