Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a discount to Non-Profits?

Glad you asked. Our pricing is already designed to be a great value for non-profits and we feel that it is fair. In fact, non-profits are specifically who we have build our tools and services to support and almost all of our clients generate huge returns with Handbid. We expect you will as well!

Do you provide onsite support?

Yes, we can be onSite. Remember that we designed Handbid to be self-service which means that we don’t REQUIRE you to hire us. However, we know that a transition to mobile bidding can be a daunting task for some. We are happy to come onSite and make it run really smoothly.

Do you offer multi-year discounts?

Yes. We have 1, 3 and 5 year contracts with the multi-year agreements having rather substantial upfront discounts. Moreover, these contracts are rather risk-free in the sense that if you have to cancel early, you simply have to pay the true-up fee (all of this is easily explained if you contact us to discuss it).

Is there a free trial?

Well there is a trial for 15 days after you sign a contract with us (unless your event is within 30 days). You can cancel anytime during the trial period. We certainly hope that you don’t! Typically people cancel if they end up finding out that their venue won’t provide a good mobile bidding experience due to connectivity issues (which we can help you determine). You can also download the apps free of charge from the iTunes or Google Play Store and demo Handbid for yourself. Just join the Handbid Demo Auction and bid away!

Do my guests need a smartphone?

No, they can bid from the Handbid iPad App. It is really easy to use and your guests can create their account, place bids, get notified (via SMS) when outbid, view what they are winning and losing and checkout all from this app.

Are the apps free?

Yes, they are free to download and available for both iPhone and Android devices. Want to see a preview of them? You can download the iPhone app directly from the AppStore, the iPad app from the AppStore, or the Android App from the Google Play Store. You can also view short preview videos of the iPhone, Android, and iPad apps.

Do my guests have to download an app?

No, but they will want to – and you should encourage them to. Why? The App experience is much better for folks of all ages, especially the “Older Crowd.” Afraid they won’t know their iTunes password? Don’t worry, it isn’t common that it will happen. Besides, there are MANY ways to get around that if it does.

Do you charge a variable fee in addition to the fixed price?

NO! All of our software packages have a flat-fee, except one. If you want a variable-rate contract, we offer it to those organizations who are just starting out and have NO IDEA how much money they will raise. We call this our Starter Package and if you plan on having an auction that would raise less than $5,000 – it could be a good place for you to start. Contact us to inquire about our starter package and see if it is a fit for you.

Do you rent equipment?

Yes, we can rent you iPads or you can borrow them from Friends or Family. It is entirely up to you. We don’t require you to use our equipment. We just suggest you use iPads that aren’t 5 years old. We also have options to rent Chrome books and credit card swipers for iPads.

Are there any hidden fees?

Nope. All of our fees are here on this page and available for you to review. There is no fine print that you are pointed to in the contract after you receive the “bill shock” post event. We have heard some of those stories regarding some of our competitors. If that is true, shame on them.

What are your credit card fees?

If you use our CC system, our fees are a flat 3.5% + .30/transaction. We don’t charge differently for Amex vs. MC/Visa/Discover. We also don’t charge you if you don’t run any transactions through us. We offer our payment system as a convenience to you and your guests. With our system, your guests can put a card on file and pay directly from their phones. No lines to capture cards at the end! Trust us, that convenience is worth the half-percent you intend to save using another processor like Paypal or Square.
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