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Online Fundraising vs. Major Gifts and why are we talking about that here?

Online fundraising vs. offline and major gifts discussion
Online fundraising vs. offline and major gifts discussion

We get a lot of questions about fundraising in general.  After all, most of us here at Handbid are active fundraisers for our own non-profits.  While we typicaly don't go into depth with customers about other means of fundraising, we certainly have opinions and experiences with both online and offline methods of raising money.  

Our Founder and CEO Jeff Porter, recently took a short (45 minute) break from "Auction Talk"  to join a Non-Profit Chat on Online Fundraising vs. Major Gift Campaigns (Friend or Foe?)

Jeff has been instrumental in helping numerous charities develop online fundraising strategies and implement tools like Peer-to-Peer fundraising platforms, Crowd Funding... and of course Handbid! 

Watch the video below to get some thoughts on:

  • Is online fundraising better than major gift giving?  
  • Can they co-exist?
  • What is the difference between Crowd Funding and Peer-to-Peer fundraising?
  • What tips around online fundraising can you gather?

Be sure to tell us what you thought and if you have any questions or comments!