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Handbid Software Release 2.35.1

Introducing Handbid Translations
Introducing Handbid Translations

Handbid's New Feature Update 

Handbid now speaks 5 languages!

Bonne journée! Parlez-vous français?

Eh bien, maintenant Handbid le fait, ainsi que 5 autres langues, dont l'anglais.

Did you understand any of that? Well if you speak French, hopefully you did. We are pleased to announce an interim release which enables new native languages for Handbid in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese!

These are available NOW for Handbid Events and Handbid iOS (Android coming soon).

How do you enable a new language?

Handbid Events

If you are on the Handbid events site, you will now notice a Language Selector option in the menu. The default is English, but switch this and Handbid will update its interface to that native language. Handbid should also remember your selection for the future if you come back to the same browser.

Handbid IOS

If your native language in your device’s settings is set to French, German, Spanish, Portuguese or Chinese, the Handbid app will detect that and update its interface to match.

What if you see a translation error?

We expect that you take pride in your native language. While much of the interface has been translated by people, some of it was automated. If you see a word or phrase that does not make sense, please let us know and we can update the translation accordingly!

Want us to translate Handbid into your native language?

We can do that, even perhaps with your help. Let us know the language you want us to consider and we will put our best efforts into adding it.

Feliz licitação!