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Handbid Release 2.51

New features including category and item timers, new guest check-in, 2-factor authentication, event website customizations
New features including category and item timers, new guest check-in, 2-factor authentication, event website customizations

In this newest update of our product, Handbid makes it even easier to create friendly competition and a sense of urgency among bidders, and to customize your event website.

Handbid's New Features Update

Set a Countdown Clock for Your Auction Categories and Single Items

Create a sense of urgency with our new category and item countdown clock feature. Auction managers now have the option to set timers on categories and items, in addition to setting a countdown for the whole auction. 

You can set as many timers at one time as you'd like, provided there are no other items already set with timers in a given category. If that is the case, you will need to clear out the category before setting your next timer.

Managers can set a timer on an individual item by clicking on the ITEM timer in the edit modal.  If the items is in a category, the timer can only be set for as long as the category is open.

Both item and category timers can be canceled by the Manager.

Handbid Release 2.51 Set Timer

Guest Check-In Has a New Look (and it's faster, too!)

Check-In is faster and more user-friendly for your event staff than ever before with the improved Bidder Registration window. Managers will be able to:

  • Look up bidders from the guest list or contact section
  • Update paddle numbers
  • Assign or change table assignments
  • Add or remove credit cards
  • Add or remove purchases
Handbid Release 2.51 Guest Checkin
Handbid Release 2.51 Add Credit Card
Handbid Release 2.51 Assign Table
Handbid Release 2.51 Assign Paddle
Handbid Release 2.51 Bidder Checkin
Handbid Release 2.51 Add or Remove Purchase

2-Factor Authentication for Organizations 

The security and protection of user data is more important than ever. Utilizing 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)  will better protect your guests' information from hackers, and Handbid is excited to be the first major mobile bidding platform to support it, directly from our app.  We have integrated 2FA directly into the Handbid apps our clients already use, so there's no need for users to download any third party authenticator apps.

Organizations can now enable 2-factor authentication on their accounts, which will require all of their managers to use the Handbid iPhone or Android app as a second factor in authenticating their login to the Handbid backend.  When enabled, managers will be required to log into the Handbid app, register their device for authentication, and then use the app to acknowledge any manager login authentication attempts.

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Handbid Release 2.51 Two Factor Authentication

Event Website Customization

Managers can now remove a banner or logo from an auction or event