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Handbid Release 2.47.5 - Mobile Digital Seen

Introducing branded events for your Handbid mobile app auction event
Introducing branded events for your Handbid mobile app auction event

Wow, what a busy Fall fundraising season it has been! We were so busy we hardly found time to squeeze in this 2.47.5 release.  We have one neat new feature long with a few performance improvements in this release.

Handbid's New Feature Update

Digital Seen Mobile

We are excited to announce our extension of Digital Seen Custom Themes to our Mobile Apps!  In addition to a custom landing page, Digital Seen customers can also have a custom event theme within our iPhone, iPad, and Android apps! These customizations include fonts, background images, and color palettes.  

This capability does not require any special configuration with the apps. Once the Event Manager completes the additional settings on the MOBILE tab within the Digital Seen settings, the apps will now recognize published landing pages and custom style the event pages based on the Digital Seen settings. See the images below for an example. 

Here are a few other improvements we made in this release:

  • Bulk editing guest data should be much faster
  • Outbid Alerts sent via SMS should now contain a URL link to the item
  • Managers can now enter live auction bids from the iPad after the auction closes
  • Handbid apps all use a completely new PUSH notification platform
  • Text to give reporting should now include all messages

We have a few more things planned before the end of the year.  We can't wait to share them with you as soon as they are ready to launch. Until then, have a great rest of the year and Happy Holidays!


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