New Releases

Handbid Release 2.44 - Integrated Chat, Integrated SMS Response, Live Stream Improvements and more!

New features including Integrated chat, improved Live Stream for virtual and hybrid events, new manager tools for iPhone app, and more!
New features including Integrated chat, improved Live Stream for virtual and hybrid events, new manager tools for iPhone app, and more!

It has been almost a year since we launched the first iteration of the Handbid Live Stream features to support virtual events. Fast forward to Release 2.44, we are excited to bring you some new features that will help you and your team run the best virtual and hybrid events!

We didn't forget about in-person events either. We have included some great additions to the Handbid Manager and apps to streamline your event setup and execution.

Handbid's New Features Update

Integrated Chat 

(iPhone, Android, Events, Manager)

Handbid has developed an integrated chat feature that customers can add to their event to allow both interactive (Event Chat) and 1:1 Bidder Support (Support Chat). The Chat feature works directly with the latest iPhone, Android, and Handbid Event Website (at When an organization upgrades their event to include Event Chat, any registered bidder will be able to connect to the platform to chat, and share photos with other registered bidders. Also, any bidders that need direct support from a manager can open up a private chat conversation to submit private inquiries and questions (managed on the backend). Lastly, Handbid allows for bidders to connect with the manager and ask a questions regarding specific items.

Reach out to or your Handbid representative to add Event Chat today!

Event Chat

Item Questions


Live Stream Page: Re-vamped!

Events Site

For those that go to the web version of Handbid to watch a live stream, we are excited to share with you our new, re-vamped live stream landing page. We have removed the side menu, enhanced the video size, and added three new tabs just below the video that shows: 

  • Feature Item (where live stream promoted items will appear)
  • Event Chat (our new feature from above)
  • Watchlist (where a bidder can monitor their bids on any items in their favorites list)

In addition, we have included a new large banner on the main page that will appear when the live stream is "live" and also a new menu item in the event menu where users can click to go directly to the live stream.

Live Stream Page

Home Page Banner

Live Stream Sponsors

(iPhone, Android, Events, Manager)

Managers can now create a sponsor ad (text and image) that will appear under the live stream video when no items are promoted. This can be set up in the manager and is visible on iPhone, Android, and the Events web interface. This offers a great selling opportunity for a charity with this unique sponsor placement.


Integrated SMS response

(iPhone, Android, Events, Manager)

Call it text to give, text to donate, etc. Our integrated SMS response allows managers to create any custom message and attach it to their event keyword.
Managers can return a donation URL, registration URL, ticketing URL, or any other custom text.

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 1.41.55 PM

Upgraded iPad Auctioneer Dashboard

Our auctioneer dashboard has received raving reviews from auctioneers who love its speed, structure, and visibility into the event. However, the one piece of feedback we did receive is that auctioneers want to be able to filter the list of incoming donations by level during a live paddle raise. We have now added this feature - auctioneers, check it out!

New iPhone Manager Tools

In an effort to bring more manager capabilities to the iPhone (so managers can "manage" the auction from anywhere), we now allow managers to "close the auction by timer," "send a broadcast message," and "upload an item photo” all from their iPhone! 

Updated Reporting

We have added a highly-requested transactions report to our manager reporting section.

Also, we have enhanced the Recurring Donation report with additional fields to help managers better sort their data!

New Chat Icon

The Chat icon has converted into the old Broadcast Message icon. The broadcast message icon will now be displayed as a megaphone. Sorry for the confusion, experienced Handbid users, but this change had to be made! 


What's Fixed:

  • Kindful Sync Stop - There were certain situations where a Kindful sync would fail due to the format of the contact data. We have fixed that. Sorry about that, Kindful users!
  • Android - Some Android devices did not like the "Get Directions" feature connected to a purchased ticket. Fixed!
  • Donations - Donations made by a user were not immediately showing up in their dashboard (a bit of a delay). We have eliminated that delay.
  • iPhone Stability- We looked through our logs and fixed a few things that caused a few iPhone users some issues. The app is more stable and much happier. Hopefully you will be too!
  • Events Site - With the move to hybrid events, it is critical that all users see any adjustments to bid increments, starting bids, and market values. We cleaned up some of those processes and are happy to say that as managers change bid increments, starting bids or item values, those values instantly change on all connected devices.
  • Puzzle - Puzzles promoted on the live stream should now allow a user to purchase them easily.
  • Guest List Checkin - We cleaned up a few issues we found in testing our iPad guest list check-in feature.
  • iPhone Scrolling - When a user swiped through categories on the iPhone, it would sometimes not reset to the top of the category. We fixed that so now when a user enters a new category, it starts at the top.
  • iPad - Managers who split an item on the iPad can now do so properly. 

We hope you like these improvements and find them beneficial to your fundraising efforts! We can’t wait to push out our 2.45 release in a few weeks.

Any questions you have, feel free to reach out to for more information.