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Handbid Heroes Blog - March 16, 2020

Check out our most recent Handbid Heroes as they utilized Handbid to the next level raising for their charity this past week!
Check out our most recent Handbid Heroes as they utilized Handbid to the next level raising for their charity this past week!

Charities who took a stand during COVID-19

Despite shutdown from COVID-19, Handbid's heroes are getting it done!

Some of you already may realize that we refer to our charity customers as heroes, internally and in our correspondence. Why? Because these are the people who are advancing their causes and positively impacting our communities. So many of them have left the safety of the corporate world to pursue something that breaks their heart. We, here at Handbid, are here to help them achieve their goals and overcome their challenges.

No challenge has faced us all so quickly and dramatically as COVID-19. It has shut down so much of what we do and forced our heroes to re-think how they intend to raise money. Our role has been to help these charities either postpone their gala or move it strictly online and run an online-auction or peer-to-peer fundraiser.

So far, the plan has been working! We want to share with you two stories over this past weekend of our charity heroes really pulling it off.

St. Leonard's College Community Day Fair, Melbourne AUS

A big heartfelt cheers to the St. Leonard's college fundraising team in Melbourne who had to cancel their Saturday carnival and auction due to COVID-19. When we met with Catherine the day before her event, she indicated that they were concerned that their bidders would not bid as much due to a strictly online experience; however, in true hero form, she said, "But what can you do? We will find out!” Well, Catherine didn't need to be worried, nearly 300 bidders showed up online, placed just short of 3,000 bids on over 450 items. St. Leonard's hit 110% of their goal… all by running their auction ONLINE!

Well done St. Leonard's team!

St. Giles School's Black Gold and Green Pride

By the looks of the photos online, this was due to be an amazing gala. However, COVID-19 stopped that from happening. But, it did not prevent the team at St. Giles from running their auction online and even doing a LIVE auction as well. Setting up a Facebook LIVE feed, the auction team auctioned off their live items online while remote bidders bid on them via Handbid.

Since some of the Handbid Team tuned in to watch the bidding, (by our estimation) nothing was lost on the fun as viewers found the Facebook Live auction to be thoroughly interactive and entertaining.

In the end, St. Giles brought in over $76,000 for their school …. All online. Congrats St. Giles team, you are our heroes!

We want to share more stories like this! As this pandemic continues to play out, we know that people are still ready and willing to support our client's fundraising efforts. So please consider an online fundraiser and allow us to share your story in the near future!


Join a webinar this week to learn more about how to move your auction online! We have some best practices as well as "tips and tricks” to pass along!