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Tools & Tricks to Better Manage Your Charitable Fundraising

Improving your charitable fundraising management
Improving your charitable fundraising management

This post was contributed by Enlightened Digital.


During uncertain times, mangy nonprofits are looking for support in order to offer more services to those in need. Organizations are scrambling to establish a pandemic safety net to stay afloat. The backbone of nonprofits are the generous individuals who are willing to give, to truly bring hope and a helping hand. 

However, many individuals may be more hesitant to contribute to organizations when finances are tight. Therefore, having the right tools and techniques to manage charitable fundraising is crucial. Take into consideration the tips below before hosting your next event.

Use Charitable Fundraising Software

Hosting charitable events, such as dinners and silent auctions, have been put on hold. However, it is important to remain proactive and shift your events to a virtual format by using fundraising software. Such tools have very convenient features and can bring in more revenue from each event. 


You can easily create lists of potential guests, live stream your event, collect donations, and process invoices through one centralized interface. Participants can easily contribute to the campaign while maintaining social distancing practices. Hosting professional and streamlined virtual benefits will help to maintain vital funds for your organization. 

Bring Stories to Life with Marketing Tools

Individuals may be more willing to donate when they see first hand how their donations are being allocated and how they are helping move you forward. Show the faces and stories behind those you are impacting. Send emails, texts, and create blog posts to highlight these success stories. 


That said, creating and scheduling all of these updates can be a tedious process. Fortunately, robotic process automation (RPA) can execute your marketing efforts on your behalf. RPA can deploy your marketing campaigns and correspondences to your repeat donors and also reach new potential contributors as well. 


With these tasks set on auto pilot, it helps you to reach your donors more often, and save time and energy that can be spent on meaningful work. Also, when your contributors are able to see all the wonderful projects that are helping others, it fosters compassion, empathy, and action. 

Provide Security to Build Trust

Cybersecurity threats are on the rise. Many people are often leery to enter credit card information online, and this could keep some potential donors from giving. To ease their concerns, communicate your commitment to security by publishing your protocols to potential donors. 


Utilizing a VPN or SSL are just a few of the security measures that you may already have in place to protect your supporters. If so, make sure you have this information clearly stated and accessible to those who may want to know the steps that are being taken to uphold security. 

Show Your Gratitude

Securing funds is just one step in the journey for charitable organizations. It is critical that you show your gratitude to those who are willing to be selfless and help others. Be sure to follow up with your donors and send them a personalized thank you note addressing them by name. 

This does not have to be time consuming, for you can use your tools to complete this process. Sending a note shows appreciation and may turn a one time donor into a loyal supporter of your cause. 

Taking the time to polish your management strategy for charitable fundraising is life changing. For nonprofits, every cent counts. Every dollar and helping hand can completely transform a recipient's life. Sometimes all it takes is minor adjustments to your current practice to secure more funds and do more good for those in need.