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Catchy Silent Auction Basket Names: Beyond Wine and Dine or Date Night

It takes a lot of time and energy to put together a silent auction. Save some of both by checking out these catchy silent auction basket names!
It takes a lot of time and energy to put together a silent auction. Save some of both by checking out these catchy silent auction basket names!

If you are looking for catchy and original silent auction gift basket names to use at one of your silent auctions, look no further. We have created a list of clever gift basket names to make your attendees laugh, smile, and bid!

Catchy Basket or Bundle names for Golf items:

Daily Dose of Iron: golf + (and -- just for fun -- a gift card to a seafood restaurant)

BeFORE & After: Round of golf + a gift certificate for lunch

Fairway to Heaven: A round of golf

Who’s Your Caddy?: A round of golf, golf bag, or golf equipment or lessons

Talk Birdie To Me: Round of golf

Tee it High, Let It Fly: Round of golf or a golf club

Silent Auction Ideas Talk Birdie

Alcohol/Libations/Wine Basket Ideas:

I heard it through the Grapevine: Wine Tasting at a local vineyard or winery

Hey Bartender: bartending kit, class, book, cocktail class, etc

Beer Snob: Craft beers

No Whining Allowed/Wine A bit, You’ll Feel Better:  A basket of wine + a few glasses

Looking for that Lost Shaker of Salt: margarita making kit (no salt) + a classic Jimmy Buffet CD (why not?)

Mommy’s Little Helpers: 5 different boxes of Girl Scout cookies with wine pairings (yes this really is a thing)

Dinner & Drinks (at Home): all supplies for specialty cocktail + gift card for takeout


Miscellaneous Gift Basket Ideas:

Clean as a Whistle: in home cleaning

Cup of Joe: A coffee lovers basket including coffee and cups

Dine Around Town (or Don’t Cook for a Week): a collection of gift cards for local restaurants

Family Fun Day: bundle some local stops for families with roller skating, scooter rental, bounce house/trampoline park passes, pizza

Get Cooking: spices, cooking tools, gift card to grocery store

I Scream for Ice Cream: Gift card for a local ice cream store + toppings, serving dishes and spoons


Light One Up!: Cigars and a humidor if you can get one

Make History: tour of local historical sites

Mr. GQ: custom fitted shirt, tie/cufflinks set

Museum Mania: admission to a series of local museums

Now That’s a Lot of Dough: A local bread restaurant or bread store, pizza (or any combination)

Tae Kwon Dough: Tae Kwon do lessons + Pizza (strange but .. we've seen it)

Life is An Adventure: rock climbing, white water rafting, zip lining

Make it a Getaway/Staycation: hotel stay and dinner for 2

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Unique Gift Basket Ideas:

Right Up your Alley: Bowling

Road Trip: Car detailing or road trip bundle (in-car games (that will force your kids off their iPhones), movies, car emergency kit, etc.)

Shivers Down Your Spine: passes to a local Halloween Fun House/Adventure Farm + Hot Cocoa and mugs (obviously a seasonal package)

The Making of an Outdoor Bash: a series of gift cards like BBQ, crabs, pizza, beer, dessert, & even a port-o-john rental (believe it or not)

Time Flies: Wrist Watch

Where the Wild Things Are: grooming for your pet + treats & toys

Jump for Joy: trampoline parks

Every Man for Himself: Whisky, Cigars, gift card to local haberdashery

The Ultimate Date Night: hotel stay, dinner for 2, transportation or spa services

The Ultimate {insert team name here} Fan Package: tickets, tailgating, merchandise, fold up chairs, cooler, special experience with Team, etc.

A Great Date, Mate: sunset sail + gourmet picnic dinner for 2

Fancy Weekend Errands/Saturday Morning Errands: car detailing, dry cleaning, Starbucks, manicure/pedicure

Burgers and Beer: 2 or more gift cards to restaurants that specialize in craft brew and awesome burgers

Post-{Name of your Event} Survival Kit: Starbucks + donuts/bagels/pastries/someplace to pick up breakfast + any number of other things offering refreshment (i.e.: a facial, etc.) OR something like a Kate Spade tumbler, a Kendra Scott Necklace, Moleskin notebooks, a Kate Spade business card holder, an Organizational branded bag, cupcakes gift card, gift card to local specialty stores... or if you have one of those rowdy parties that may generate a hangover, then do a bottle of Advil and a few vials of Zip Fizz.

Elevate Your Bath: specialty bath salts, rubber ducky, a very soft towel, loofah sponge, all in a galvanized bucket

#: That’s a Sharp, Not a Hashtag: tickets to the symphony

Feeling Lucky: Lottery Tickets

We hope you had as much fun reading those basket names as we did making them. Have a unique basket name idea you would like to share with our team? Feel free to call us!

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